Classy Lane - Tragedy to Rebuild

Written by System Fencing Thursday, June 23, 2016

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Classy Lane - Tragedy to Rebuild

System Fencing would like to congratulate Jamie & Barb Millier owners of Classy Lane Stables and all the trainers/staff involved in the recent rebuild of their training centre which following a devastating fire in January destroyed a barn, 43 race horses and the belongings of the horsemen of Classy Lane Stables a Standardbred facility located in Puslinch, ON.  We wish them all great success in the future with this beautiful new building and in their racing endeavors.

System Fencing was happy to supply new stalls, rubber matting and inside products to get this barn operational as quickly as possible.  “It was a very tight time frame” said Vice-President Kevin Job “we wanted to jump in and help to make the rebuild happen as quickly as possible.  The builders did a great job getting the building up so quickly.”

Jamie Millier said he has been grateful to System Fencing for their support.  “They’ve always treated me very fair, and when the fire happened they realized, like a lot of people, ‘let’s chip in and see what we can do to help,’” Jamie said. “People like Kevin, it’s not only his business, it’s his livelihood and his way of life. This wasn’t stuff Kevin had sitting in storage or stock. He had to manufacture it; he just went out of his way to make sure he got it ready for us on time because he knew the importance of the date we wanted to be ready for because horses were coming back and we needed to be ready for that.

“Everyone in the horse business is in it more for the animals and the love of the sport. It’s not a huge moneymaker for the grooms and trainers, so they feel for the people in another barn when they have a problem just as much as the people with the problem do. Most of them have been there and done that and know what it’s like and they’ve seen the devastation in all the people’s eyes that were involved with the horses in the barn that burnt down, so they rallied to help.”

In under 5 months Classy Lane was back up and running.  We hope through education, fire safety and planning that we do not see another winter like this past winter for Horse barn fires.

The front of the rebuilt barn at Classy Lane

Inside the new barn at Classy Lane showing our Finishline Stalls, Interlocking Rubber Mats and Custom Harness Hooks

Finishline Stalls with Rubber Mats in the new barn

A view of some of Roger Mayotte's stable

Roger Mayotte, Kevin Job & Russ Taylor with multiple Stakes winner Elegant Serenity

Odyssey Performance Exerciser with a Half Roof Structure

Photos by Dave Landry Photography

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Caledon creates lasting legacies of the Pan Am Games

Written by System Fence PGM Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thank you, local businesses!

Caledon creates lasting legacies of the Pan Am Games


Description: gravel-garden-this one


With pride, the Town of Caledon officially unveiled a spectacular gravel garden on the northeast corner of Old Church Road and Highway 50. The garden depicts the jumping horse, Caledon’s official icon of the Pan Am Games, and will serve as a reminder of the summer of 2015 for years to come.

“It’s another proud Caledon moment today as we unveil this gravel garden,” said Mayor Allan Thompson.  “It is through the relationships with Caledon that this became a reality.  Thank you to the businesses who stepped up to create this lasting legacy,” said Mayor Allan Thompson.

Cornerstone Landscaping, Marrex Construction and Excavating Ltd., Sunshine Design and Construction Ltd. and Verti-crete of Bolton played instrumental roles in transforming this quiet corner into a Games’ legacy.

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Product Spotlight: Smart Cart

Written by System Fencing Thursday, September 11, 2014

Horse people are crazy for the Smart Carts, and why shouldn’t they be?

The Smart Cart’s unique design and workhorse durability have been making fans around the farm for nearly 40 years now. Everyone loves the 2-wheeled design with its centre of gravity right where it belongs--directly over the wheels and axle.

Hauling 400 pounds in a single-wheeled cart has always guaranteed you a workout. No sweat with the Smart Cart though.

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Customer Profile: Old Orchard Farm

Written by System Fencing Thursday, September 11, 2014

 Located between Milton and Guelph, Old Orchard Farm (OOF) is a teaching and boarding facility operated by the family of Linda Hale and George Daunt since 1987. An active family oriented barn, Old Orchard prides themselves on delivering specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of the individual rider. From summer camps to horse shows, Old Orchard Farm assists riders in being the best they can be while emphasizing fun, friends and sportsmanship.

Old Orchard Farm has been a loyal customer of System Fencing since the mid 1990’s and System Fencing, products and stalls have helped create both an attractive and functional facility. Paddocks consist largely of black System Fencing Flex Fence, electric fencing and gates which can be seen throughout the property. They decided

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Customer Profile: Aspen's Meadows Farm

Written by System Fencing Wednesday, July 30, 2014

             System Fencing provides expert services for several different areas of businesses. Whether it is farms, farrier, barns or stalls, people depend on us to help support their equestrian lifestyles.

            Farm owners, Richard and Susan Dunstan have funded and maintained Aspen’s Meadows Farm for over 5 years now. This couple took their love for horses and turned it into a working business. With their original 14 stall barn, they had plenty of space and knowledge to support and raise more animals. Therefore, they created Aspen’s Meadows and have been continuing to expand their business.

            The Dunstan’s ride and care for their own 3 horses but have opened their barn up for others to board theirs in the winter seasons. They spend countless hours loving and caring for all the animals they have under their roof and on their property

             Having such a lavish pasture, the...

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