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The Benefits of Slow Feeding with the Haygain Forager

In their natural environment, horses spend 60% of their time grazing, and 40% of their time exhibiting other natural herd behaviours. Since we have domesticated horses, this ratio has drastically been changed. Horses fed high-energy concentrate meals a few times a day with limited forage available leave them with only 10% of their time spent feeding, and 90% of their time exhibiting other behaviours.

Horses are designed to graze all day long, and their overall health is dependent on constantly consuming small amounts of forage. Slow feeding allows your horse to constantly eat, promoting his or her natural behaviour, while also avoiding the risk of obesity by regulating the amount of forage the horse can eat at one time.

Feeding forage at a natural pace: That's pure horse sense.

The scientifically-designed Haygain Forager regulates your horse's speed of consumption, which helps bridge the gap between natural behaviour and stabling.

The Forager comes with two different regulators of varying aperatures. These holes are designed to allow your horse to forage naturally by pulling hay through a little bit at a time. Unlike hay nets with small holes, feeding from the Forager does not causestress to the horse, and mimics grazing in nature.

You may ask yourself what the benefits of feeding your horse with the Forager versus a hay net are; the Forager is much quicker and easier to fill than a traditional hay net, the Forager encourages feeding from a natural, lowered position, and horses are much less frustrated when eating from the Forager.



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