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Horse people are crazy for the Smart Carts, and why shouldn’t they be?

The Smart Cart’s unique design and workhorse durability have been making fans around the farm for nearly 40 years now. Everyone loves the 2-wheeled design with its centre of gravity right where it belongs--directly over the wheels and axle.

Hauling 400 pounds in a single-wheeled cart has always guaranteed you a workout. No sweat with the Smart Cart though.

It’s not only a back-saver for moving loads, but horse people find its unique front- tilt design makes dumping a cinch. Even stand it upright on the front lip and you can rake right into it, even roll rocks in. Lightweight, yet extremely strong, the Smart Cart’s seamless, high density polyethylene tub is immune to water, barn acids and even fertilizer. No corrosion. No leaking. Ever. Add that unique high capacity tub to a framework of aircraft-quality aluminum, plus a set of longwearing properly balanced wheels and you’ve got your new best friend at the barn.



Starting in 1975, the Smart Cart was created by Brigadier General, Henry Muller of Santa Barbara. When his wife at the age of 60 started struggling with managing a wheel barrow in their stables, he developed the first easy-to-use stable cart on the market. Almost 40 years later, Muller’s Smart Carts are located in Gorham, Maine and the original design remains nearly unchanged while the quality of the Smart Carts continues to be unbeatable.

The ease of this system is a result of a concept we encounter constantly, gravity. It dispenses water relying on gravity so there is no need to pump or complicate the system. Also, because of the connect flow tips, there are options to use a heavy flow pattern to fill up buckets or a spray shower pattern that is ideal for watering gardens and other plants. 

Whatever the job-- mucking out, moving hay or feed, picking up debris, and whatever the season, -- the Smart Cart’s got your back. And it hoses off easily, just asking for the next job. Legions of satisfied customers swear their Smart Carts have kept on trucking for years.

“This is the best “horse” product I’ve ever had,” says one lady.

Here at System we stock the 12 cubic foot model in both Black and energetic Green, and the smaller 7 cu. foot version in Black.

Find out more about the Smart Cart at System here:

Better yet, stop into our Rockwood, ON store and take one for a spin. See for yourself how the Cadillac of utility carts feels.

While you’re here (the coffee’s free), you might also want to have a look at the new Smart Water Cart—a convenient, innovative way to carry and dispense water. Delivers up to 20 gallons of water with ease. The Smart Water Cart comes with a crush-resistant hose and relies on gravity to dispense-- no need for the complications a pump can bring. Another time and energy saver. Another Smart Cart product made to last for decades. Same superior warranty.                               Check it out on our website here:






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