When every second counts… Count on HAVEN

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When every second counts… Count on HAVEN

The HAVEN fire suppression safety device works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Left alone, the HAVEN can protect your loved ones and your valuables for 10 years. Operating independently, the HAVEN can be placed virtually anywhere – new or existing buildings -  without expensive plumbing or installation costs.  Since cold temperatures don’t affect its performance, the HAVEN is perfect for use in outbuildings of all kinds.  With its heat-activated trigger the HAVEN will discharge automatically at 135ᵒF (57ᵒC). HAVEN has been independently tested to provide effective fire suppression up to a 16’x16′ area. It can stop the fire before it spreads, even when no one is around.

The ABC dry chem inside the HAVEN is non-toxic, similar to what’s used inside a typical fire extinguisher, except it is 90% suppressant and 10% filler, whereas most fire extinguishers are 60% suppressant and 40% filler. It leaves no water damage after a fire is suppressed. 

Gary van Bolderen of Dutch Masters Design and Construction, an award winning builder of Equestrian facilities, states “This should be installed in every mechanical room, kitchen, laundry room, and wherever fires are most likely to start. It is a “no brainer”. At the barn and at home this will save lives and property. We will be installing them in every barn we build.”

In rural areas, when water supply may be insufficient, when barns or outbuildings are unattended, and when fire responders may be ten or fifteen minutes from arriving at a farm, the difference between a complete loss or a suppressed fire can be counted in minutes, even seconds.  When every second counts… Count on the HAVEN .

To see a video of how the Haven can help you, click here.


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