Customer Profile: Aspen's Meadows Farm

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             System Fencing provides expert services for several different areas of businesses. Whether it is farms, farrier, barns or stalls, people depend on us to help support their equestrian lifestyles.

            Farm owners, Richard and Susan Dunstan have funded and maintained Aspen’s Meadows Farm for over 5 years now. This couple took their love for horses and turned it into a working business. With their original 14 stall barn, they had plenty of space and knowledge to support and raise more animals. Therefore, they created Aspen’s Meadows and have been continuing to expand their business.

            The Dunstan’s ride and care for their own 3 horses but have opened their barn up for others to board theirs in the winter seasons. They spend countless hours loving and caring for all the animals they have under their roof and on their property

             Having such a lavish pasture, the Dunstan’s looked to System Fencing to provide them with a perimeter suitable for their animals, yet elegant enough to sustain their beautiful 10 acre land. With the help of System Fencing, the white Flex Fence created a clean, classic look for the Dunstan’s property and has been dependable since the day of installation. More recently, they purchased oak board fencing to go around the back portion of their house.

          To coincide with their newly designed property, the Dunstan’s also upgraded a few of the stalls in their barn. The standard stall system with drop down doors coincided perfectly with this farm and padded flooring was included to comfort their 33 year old beloved horse, Sundance. The Dunstan’s are very appreciative and more than satisfied with the results of their new property.

 “We have looked around at other agencies but we always come back to System Fencing as we know their products and support infrastructure are superior to anyone else.”  Richard Dunstan

          Richard and Susan Dunstan take pride in their land, business and animals. They love what they do not only for themselves, but for others and their horses. To be able to provide them with a beautiful, secure land to ride their horses, is satisfaction enough for this retired couple. System Fencing is more than happy to further assist the Dunstan’s in their renovations and we are excited about the future of Aspen’s Meadows Farm.








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