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Don’t be mistaken by its name! These RazerHorse shoes are made of a comfortable, flexible steel material that actually adjusts to support the natural movement of the hoof, yet is strong enough to hold its shape and perform appropriately. This unique technology was introduced in the United States in 2005 to the American Standardbred racing industry. In 2012, it was redesigned to better suit the Quarter Horse and other breeds. Now, RazerHorse fits all breeds of horses and is a great product on the market.

The toe is rounded to make landing as smooth as possible and its rounded rim enhances traction while reducing stress on the hoof. It is a very thin shoe that effortlessly sinks into the ground surface. All these features provide the horse with a barefoot feel while also protecting and supporting the hoof.

In addition to the horseshoe, RazerHorse offers the ProPad. This pad provides extra support to the height of a shoe and also extends the frog while moving with it. These combined help to create a healthy circulation of the foot and helps absorb shock. Don’t wait for injuries to happen! The ProPad makes up for the lack of natural length and function and prevents injuries while increasing performance.

Everyone feels better in a new pair of shoes, your horses will too!

This video quickly demonstrates just how flexible the Razor shoes are:


 Top:  Razer Horseshoes allow the hoof to glide naturally

Bottom: Abruptly stops and does not slide easily, increases strain


















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