The Science Behind The Stripes

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It’s that time of year again, fly season! Those annoying insects buzzing around you and your horses can be frustrating and downright intolerable. System Tack has many fly prevention products, but none like the Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet from Bucas. This fly sheet not only prevents flies from getting to the horse, but deters flies from even landing on your horse.

A study was conducted where wooden pallets containing vegetable oil were painted in three different animal colors – all black, all white and black and white zebra patterned. They then distributed the pallets in a densely fly infested area and received intriguing results. The study found that far more flies were attracted to the all black and all white painted pallets, than the black and white striped pallet. This research supported what others have postulated about the unique pattern of the Zebra’s coat – that the contrasting pattern confuses the fly’s optic sensors, making them unsure of what exactly they are looking at. Being unsure, the flies will generally avoid landing on the striped skin and look for somewhere or something with a more inviting appearance on which to land.

Bucas has harnessed this natural genius and turned it into a technology applicable in the equine industry. Enter the Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet!

This Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet has the same design as the standard Bucas Buzz-Off Sheets but now with this added benefit. These sheets, just like their predecessors, have extra room for movement thanks to roomy shoulder darts and have a stitched on full neck, overlapping in front and spanning all the way to the ears, to guarantee flies do not reach your gentle giant. They are made of fine mesh material so even the smallest little insects cannot get through while reducing the effects of ultraviolet radiation and providing superb comfort and protection.

And what’s a fly sheet without a fly mask? Zebra Buzz-Off Fly Masks are also available to be used with the fly sheet or on their own. The mask provides excellent protection and is held securely with an adjustable elastic strap.

Structure and style, this fly sheet has it all and without a doubt, it is a product your horse will thank you for buying.

If zebra print still isn’t your thing, System Tack still stocks the tried and true original Buzz-Off sheets in light blue.





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