Rubber Horse Stall Mats

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Rubber mats often known as Horse stall mats, gym mats or athletic mats are available and always in stock at System Fencing.  The System Fencing stall mat is a generous ¾” thick mat made of Ontario recycled rubber tires.  With a warranty of 15 years these stall mats will withstand many years of use and abuse.  The main use of stall mats was designed to provide comfort and safety for horses in their stalls. The addition of mats to a stall can also help to cut down the bedding cost, and help with cleanliness in the stalls.

Rubber mats can be used in many different areas both inside and outside your barn.   We have Eco-flex rubber flooring, the stable comfort stall system and other sizes of horse stall mats for stables and athletic facilities.

With a combination of matting products in stock, we can help you design and find solutions to the many problem areas that can arise around the barn.  Horse Stall mats can be used in some of the following areas:

1.            Hose Stalls - Stall mats primary usage is in horse stalls, they cut down the amount shavings required, are easier on your horse’s legs, and the clean out of manure is faster and easier.

2.            Wash Stalls - Another great place to use either stall mats or the 3’x2’ interlocking tiles.  Water drains off quickly and easily and the mats are cheaper to install then concrete.

3.            Hay & Tack Rooms - Stall mats will keep these area’s cleaner and easier to tidy up, they also keep the dampness from getting in the hay or feed.

4.            Run In Sheds - Gate area’s and paddocks are a great use for stall mats to help eliminate mud in those areas. The use of mats can slow down the erosion process in high traffic areas.

5.            Grooming Areas -Stall mats should be used in cross tie, and horse shoeing areas for non-slip and safety both for horse and handler.

6.            Alleyways -Stalls mats make excellent alleyway flooring over dirt, concrete, or other hard surface flooring. These areas can be leveled out and stall mats installed for safety.

7.            Walls - In horse stalls we recommend stall mats being installed on the walls, as the rubber mats will help ease the impact on horses’ legs if the horse kicks the walls. Mats can be installed over wood, stone or concrete walls. 

8.            Vehicles - Stalls mats are great bed liners for pickup trucks, gators, or utility vehicles. The rubber  mats help to prevent items from shifting & sliding and can also help to prevent damage on the beds.

9.            Horse Trailers - A must for every trailer carrying livestock.  We carry different size stall mats 4’x6’, 5’x7’, 36”x84” for the different sized trailers. You can also use the stall mats on side walls of trailers to give the horses sure footing and make it easy to clean up.

10.         Horse Shows – Bring your stall mats to horse show to make sure your horse is comfortable, especially if bedding horses on concrete or pavement. The will help your horse recover faster and gie them better traction in the stalls.

11.          Athletic Facilities - Stall mats are also known at athletic mats for weight rooms, work out rooms, yoga studios or anywhere that you are trying to reduce concussion of a surface.

12.          Anywhere - Stall mats used in your work room, a garage for driving on, laundry room, mud rooms, as welcome mats or a temporary dance floor on a grassy area. Stall mats can be cut with a regular utility knife and installed almost everywhere.

System Fencing is one of the top sellers of rubber stall mats in Canada, we can ship stall mats for retail customers, dealers & distributors and look forward to helping you design your area to cover.  We can custom cut for a specific area with interlocking patterns and have different colours of rubber tiles available.  Just image where you can use stall mats for your next project, the possibilities are endless.

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