New GM for System Fencing

Written by System Fencing Friday, May 16, 2014

David Stuart New System Fencing GM

ROCKWOOD, Ontario, Canada (May 16, 2014) ……… is delighted to announce David Stuart as its inaugural General Manager. A harness racing veteran, Stuart is best known for Royal Blue Standardbred Sales and Halton Bloodstock Agency and as well as Administration Coordinator of the Ontario Sires Stakes.

Company President Dwayne Job explains Stuart will be responsible for guiding the company’s vast array of horse industry product and service expansion.
With its head office and tack shop located 15-minutes north of Mohawk Raceway, serves the equine world with high quality goods and services ranging from custom stalls, fencing materials, fence installation, gates, exercise equipment including the “Odyssey”, shelters and barn construction supplies, blanket cleaning and repair, equine rehabilitation, farrier and tack shop supplies, rubber flooring and walks, to the cutting edge “Thunder Spa”.
Job asserts Stuart is essential to assist him and...
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Electric Fencing in the Winter

Written by System Fencing Tuesday, February 18, 2014

 What to do...


This winter, we are receiving calls from customers telling us that their electric fence is not working.  A perfect example of this is seen in the picture attached where the snow is so high that it is within 6” of the top of the fence post.  There is nothing we can do about Mother Nature and the amount of snow we have received this year, however, we CAN help you get your electric fencing working better for you.  Snow is a natural insulator and an animal that touches an electric fence when they are standing on lots of snow will not feel a shock.  An electric fence is controlled by an electric fence energizer (fencer).  This energizer produces an electric...

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Rubber Horse Stall Mats

Written by System Fencing Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rubber mats often known as Horse stall mats, gym mats or athletic mats are available and always in stock at System Fencing.  The System Fencing stall mat is a generous ¾” thick mat made of Ontario recycled rubber tires.  With a warranty of 15 years these stall mats will withstand many years of use and abuse.  The main use of stall mats was designed to provide comfort and safety for horses in their stalls. The addition of mats to a stall can also help to cut down the bedding cost, and help with cleanliness in the stalls.

Rubber mats can be used in many different areas both inside and outside your barn.   We have Eco-flex rubber flooring, the stable comfort stall system and...

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System Fencing Travels to Ireland

Written by System Fencing Monday, August 19, 2013

System Fencing Travels to Ireland

A delegation of 70 international buyers, vets and key industry influencers from 18 countries were in Dublin with Enterprise Ireland Thursday, 8 August 2013 to meet Irish suppliers to the equine industry.

A delegation of 70 international buyers, vets and key industry influencers from 18 countries are in Dublin with Enterprise Ireland today (Thursday, 8 August 2013) to meet Irish suppliers to the equine industry

The delegation included visitors from Europe, North America, the Middle East, Korea, India, China and South Africa. The focus of their visit was an Equine Innovation Exhibition at Enterprise Ireland’s offices in Dublin featuring veterinary products, medical devices and services, equine nutrition and feed, feeding equipment, riding equipment, clothing and stable equipment from innovative Irish companies in the equine-related sector. System Fencing was fortunate to be invited to this wonderful event and...

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Mud Management

Written by System Fencing Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The spring season brings with it many changes to the landscape, the days are longer, the weather warms up, plants start to grow and almost every farm or acreage has to deal with mud.

Mud often forms in high traffic area such as barn entrances, gates and outdoor feeding and watering areas. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can result in thrush and mud fever inhorses. Although you may not be able to eliminate mud entirely, you can significantly reduce the amount on your property with proper maintenance.

One of the first steps to preventing mud from forming is to decrease the amount of organic matter in high traffic areas that are susceptible. Regularly picking up manure and leftover hay from the ground will help to reduce the buildup of mud in those areas.

The next step is to make sure the ground is draining properly so that the water will not pool there. Experts in the field, System Fencing recommend the use of base stabilization tiles that are designed as a grid-like structure, sometimes referred to as a "checker board" system. This tile can be installed in the area that is susceptible to mud to give that area better stabilization. To install the tiles, you should scrape back the soil currently in the area you are working on to create a level base. Once the area is level, the tiles can then be put down to cover the affected area. Once this grid is installed,topsoil, sand and gravel can be added inside and on top of the grid to suit the desired purpose.This helps to prevent the turf or grass from settling and collapsing from underneath itself, whilepromoting filtration.

With planting of vegetation, such as grass, within the grid system the end product is a grass or turf covered footing. The grid system protects the grass roots and reduces storm water runoff, resulting in a very durable grass area. These can be the perfect solution to keep high traffic areas level and dry and keep the grass growing! Some tiles are manufactured from recycled tires, which give each one the durability to withstand high traffic, no matter the weather conditions. They also offer support and a constant level surface allowing optimum drainage and great footing for livestock to stand and walk on.

Well draining areas lessen the chance of mud forming and make high traffic areas much easier to navigate. Keeping mud at a minimum is a great way to make property maintenance easier and safer for yourself and your horses.

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