Customer Profile: Old Orchard Farm

Written by System Fencing Thursday, September 11, 2014

 Located between Milton and Guelph, Old Orchard Farm (OOF) is a teaching and boarding facility operated by the family of Linda Hale and George Daunt since 1987. An active family oriented barn, Old Orchard prides themselves on delivering specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of the individual rider. From summer camps to horse shows, Old Orchard Farm assists riders in being the best they can be while emphasizing fun, friends and sportsmanship.

Old Orchard Farm has been a loyal customer of System Fencing since the mid 1990’s and System Fencing, products and stalls have helped create both an attractive and functional facility. Paddocks consist largely of black System Fencing Flex Fence, electric fencing and gates which can be seen throughout the property. They decided

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Customer Profile: Aspen's Meadows Farm

Written by System Fencing Wednesday, July 30, 2014

             System Fencing provides expert services for several different areas of businesses. Whether it is farms, farrier, barns or stalls, people depend on us to help support their equestrian lifestyles.

            Farm owners, Richard and Susan Dunstan have funded and maintained Aspen’s Meadows Farm for over 5 years now. This couple took their love for horses and turned it into a working business. With their original 14 stall barn, they had plenty of space and knowledge to support and raise more animals. Therefore, they created Aspen’s Meadows and have been continuing to expand their business.

            The Dunstan’s ride and care for their own 3 horses but have opened their barn up for others to board theirs in the winter seasons. They spend countless hours loving and caring for all the animals they have under their roof and on their property

             Having such a lavish pasture, the...

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Revolutionary Solution to Equine Respiratory Health Problems

Written by System Fencing Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 Revolutionary Solution to Equine Respiratory Health Problems


Rockwood, ON – Introducing HAYGAIN hay steamers at System Fencing--a revolutionary product in the equine industry that is helping to remedy the widespread problem of dust and mold spores in dry hay.  


“Adding the HAYGAIN to our product line is a great addition for us” states Dwayne Job, President of System Fencing. “We are constantly searching for products that will serve the...

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New to System Fencing Farrier

Written by System Fencing Friday, July 18, 2014

Don’t be mistaken by its name! These RazerHorse shoes are made of a comfortable, flexible steel material that actually adjusts to support the natural movement of the hoof, yet is strong enough to hold its shape and perform appropriately. This unique technology was introduced in the United States in 2005 to the American Standardbred racing industry. In 2012, it was redesigned to better suit the Quarter Horse and other breeds. Now, RazerHorse fits all breeds of horses and is a great product on the market.

The toe is rounded to make landing as smooth as possible and its rounded rim enhances traction while reducing stress on the hoof. It is a very thin shoe that effortlessly sinks into the ground surface. All these features provide the horse with a barefoot feel while also protecting and supporting the hoof.

In addition to the horseshoe, RazerHorse offers the ProPad. This pad provides extra support to the height of a shoe and also extends the frog while moving with it. These combined help to create a healthy circulation of the foot and helps absorb shock....

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The Science Behind The Stripes

Written by System Fencing Monday, July 7, 2014

It’s that time of year again, fly season! Those annoying insects buzzing around you and your horses can be frustrating and downright intolerable. System Tack has many fly prevention products, but none like the Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet from Bucas. This fly sheet not only prevents flies from getting to the horse, but deters flies from even landing on your horse.

A study was conducted where wooden pallets containing vegetable oil were painted in three different animal colors – all black, all white and black and white zebra patterned. They then distributed the pallets in a densely fly infested area and received intriguing results. The study found that far more flies were attracted to the all black and all white painted pallets, than the black and white striped pallet. This research supported what others have postulated about the unique pattern of the Zebra’s coat – that the contrasting pattern confuses the fly’s optic sensors, making them unsure of what exactly they are looking at. Being unsure, the flies will generally avoid landing on the striped skin and look for somewhere or something with a more inviting appearance on...

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